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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Remember 9/11

It has been five years since the September 11 tragedy happened in the U.S.

The twin towers symbolizing progress and status quo
of the country became the center of terrorism

Terrorism which killed thousand of lives
and destroyed millions of dreams

Terrorism would think that violence committed
will result to political end

Who suffred most were the victims and their loved ones

Young ones and adults expressed their compassion into what happened

Even other countries extend their sympathy in the September 11 tragedy

Life is too short that in just a snap, you may loose your loved ones

The impact of terrorism may not be evident nowadays
but the story of September 11 will always remain

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rolando Fernandez on Blogging

"Not in my lifetime that I can see the death of newspaper", this is what Prof. Rolando Fernandez, editor-in chief of the Northern Bureau of Philippine Daily Inquirer said, in a forum about that latest form of journalism which is blogging.

Although he admitted that technologies make the work of journalists easier and faster, Fernandez insisted that the progress in media still depends in our economy. simce the year 2001, there are already bloggers in the Philippines. For the past two years since people started using it, the number of bloggers increased that it reacehed upto one million, whereas there are about 4.5 million worldwide bloggers.

Blogging can give many advantages as cited by Fernandez. Through blogging, journalist or columnists can get tips to the blogs of other people can also write anything about a certain issue or even can include behind the scenes stories, unlike in television, the time is limited to report all about the issue. In additon as said by Fernandez, blogging is cheaper and you can gain more readers.

Other advantages mentioned by Fernandez, is that blogging democratize the creation of news in the world. It also entails more space to further enhance reporting and expand the frontier of information access.

For Fernandez, he also considered the bloggers as journaslists. "For me, whether you are a journalist, newspaper man, from the press, blogger...they are all the same". Bloggers are journalists if they do the same what the jouranalist are doing stressed by Fernandez.

When it comes to the news treatment, for Fernandez, traditional journalism and blogging are just the same. Except that some newspapers, come out a lot of background and with series of side bars which often times you cannot find in blogs.

Fernandez believed in the bright future of blogging, that it may serve as the media landscape in next five years. However, Fernandez said that it's not that promising because internet users are still few in the country. Not all can access, except for television, that almost everybody has it.

Fernandez shared that the Philippine Daily Inquirer paid correspondents working for ten hours to post something in their blogs.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

George Cordero in Leakage Controversy

If you already heard the name George Cordero, aside from he is the former president of Philippine Nurses Association, many especially the examinees in June 2006 Nursing Licensure Exam and the deans in different nursing schools would associate his name to leakage

A leak as defined in Webster’s Dictionary is a small opening that allows a substance such as gas or water to escape. But the leak created by Cordero is not just a small opening but big opportunities for the June 2006 examinees to easily pass the exam if they benefited in the said leakage.

With the entire allegation to him, Cordero said that because he is the president of PNA for so many years, there are some as described by Cordero who are envy of his stature. And the only way to put him down is to blame him as the root of leakage controversy.

However, the 25-page report of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) fact- finding body implied the participation of Cordero in the distribution of leakages for the June 11 and 12 examinations. PRC presented the witnesses that they have which include the dean of St. Louis University’s College of Nursing, Mary Grace Lacanaria. According to Lacanaria, there are 22 nursing school deans met by Cordero at a Manila movie house before the exam. Another dean from Lyceum University, Leonora Reyes who has the same statement that Cordero met with several deans. Another witness named Pamela Ortega testified before the PRC that Cordero invited for a meeting some graduates of Philippine College of Health and Sciences as well as some reviewers of the Institute for Review and Special Studies or Inress Review Center. These mentioned school and review center are both owned by Cordero. Dennis Bautista is just one of the 1,000 students who attended the coaching session on June 8 and 9 in SM Cinema 9 and he confirmed the participation of Cordero in the distribution of leakage. Among 22 deans attended in the final coaching, six were identified by a group of students who were also present in the said final coaching. Such were deans from Lorma College in La Union, University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Arellano University in Manila, West Negros College in Bacolod, Bataan Polytechnic College and Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital in Tarlac.

The handwritten leakages had reached different areas in the country including in Baguio City. RA Gapuz Review Center in Baguio thought that the handwritten set of questions are good review materials for their reviewers which they distributed night before the exam. Ray Gapuz, founder of the said Nursing Review Center cited that his review center would not tolerate such acts, which would affect the established name of the review center.

Because of the nationwide distribution of the leakage, Cordero resigned and was replaced by PNA vice-president for Finance Dr. Marylin Yap. Cordero denied the accusations of paying seven million for the test three and five of Nursing Licensure Exam because of insufficient money and the whole participation because even his son who took the June 2006 NLE also failed.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
ABS-CBN Interactive

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

State of the Nation Address of the President

The sixth State of the Nation Address by President Gloria Arroyo is considered the longest speech in legislative office which took an hour and a second last Monday afternoon.
The event was attended by House Speaker Jose De Venecia, newly appointed Senate President Manny Villar, Vice president Noli de Castro, former President Fidel Ramos, Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, members of diplomatic core, senators, congressmen and women, other officials, the first family and visitors who listened to the plans of the President about the country and recognized her achievements as the President of the state.
A journey of thousand miles according to the President doesn’t start with the first step it already started before the first step. This is why President Arroyo acknowledged the sacrifices and support of the OFWs, her supporters in congress, police, soldiers, civil servants, the local officials especially the masses.
In the last year SONA of the President, she presented the story about the “bangkang papel” of three young boys. Now she invited an Ifugao family, who has acquired their own land in Mt. Data. This proves that poverty in Ifugao is declining.
The statement of the President which is applaud able for majority in legislative office is when she said that we have already funds for education, health, construction of bridges and public roads.
The president enumerated through her power point presentation that the government has already funds to address social inequity and economic disparity, stamp out terrorism and suppress lawless violence, fight corruption, reform the political and electoral system and finance medium term Public Investment Program.
These things could be accomplished as insisted by the President through three phases. Phase one is fiscal reform, phase two is social expenditures and phase three are the super regions. Super regions include North Luzon, Metro Luzon, Central Philippines, Mindanao and Cyber Corridor. When the President tackled the super regions, she also highlighted the accomplishments of different officials in their designated municipalities.
The President also recognized the determination of Mt. Everest team, South-East Asian Games athletes, International beauty title holder and Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, who are now all considered Pride of the Philippines.
Lastly, the President extends her arms to all including the oppositions in making Philippines a united and prosperous country.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bandila, a new kind of reportage

ABSCBN, largest television network in the country had launched lately the news program Bandila anchored by Korina Sanchez, Henry Omaga-Diaz and Ces Drilon.

Media practitioners particularly Sancehez, Omaga-Diaz and Drilon who are prominent in their field and already established a high credibility to their audience had contributed for making Bandila an effective news program.

Bandila made difference from other news programs because of the consistency and in-depth coverage particularly on major news. For example, the case of Department of Agriculture under Secretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante. He is involved in the “fertilizer scam” wherein the fertilizers supposedly for the farmers were sold and used for the campaign of President Arroyo last election.Until he was caught by the US Immigration officers because of the expired visa in the United States. And now his connection with the First gentleman Mike Arroyo, because both have the same lawyer, many are saying that the First gentleman is helping Bolante.

The presentation of news starts from those which are considered with social relevance. These are issues about the government, the economic status of the country, prominent people in controversies, education, environmental issues, health concerns and others. Whereas from other news programs, they do not emphasize news values, because they tend to mix heavy news and light news such as political issue is followed by entertainment intrigues. Bandila also gives weather updates which is beneficial to the viewers. In Bandila, they give “serious treatment” to the news that they deliver. They more inform the people than entertain them.

In the other hand, Bandila is aired weeknights after Primetime Bida of ABSCBN. The kind of reportage which should be watched by the viewers particularly the youth is being missed. Of course Bandila can be watch late at night, and students prefer to sleep early for their classes. It’s like a news article in a newspaper buried in pages which cannot easily recognized by the readers.

Because Bandila emphasized news values, wherein from heavy news to light news, it means that they gauge the significance of the news to the viewers. With this Bandila somehow filter the information they think which has importance to their viewers must be delivered.

There are also possibilities wherein those things which are already reported in TV Patrol World could be repeated in Bandila. Some of the field reporters of TV Patrol are also the field reporters of Bandila.

In addition, the allotted time for Bandila may not be enough to tackle the entirety of the issue which may result to leaving the story hanging or lacking.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Archbishop Rosales distances himself from politics

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Borbon Rosales is considered as moderate in terms of politics, said Church leaders and some analysts.

Archbishop Rosales, successor of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin doesn’t engage himself to any political issues including the call for President Arroyo’s ouster.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines or the CBCP instead encourages the Filipinos to remain calm despite of the increasing reasons to remove Arroyo in her position.

At first, although during his young age Rosales wanted to become a priest, he never wished to be the Manila Archbishop, for he knew that his predecessor Cardinal Sin advocate People Power Movement , whereas for him, he doesn’t want to be inclined to such extreme views, as in politics.

Born in Batangas City on August 10, 1932, the 73- year old Cardinal- Priest of SS. Nome di Maria in Via Latina also holds titles of Metropolitan and Primate of the Philippines. His mother, Remedios Mayo Borbon, was the first cousin of Claro M. Recto, a great nationalist.

At the San Jose Seminary, he pursued hid dream to be a priest together with former bishop of the military ordinariate, Bishop Severino Pelayo and the former bishop of Daet, Camarines Norte, Bishop Benjamin Almoreda. His ordainment as priest was on March 23, 1958 with Bishop Alejandro Olalia. He is considered as the “first Batangueno to be made bishop under the stewardship of Ricardo Cardinal Vidal.

The golden moment of his ministry according to Archbishop Rosales is when there was unity to those ordained for religious service to struggle foe justice, peace and environmental protection.

What made his soul at peace are the words from Mother Theresa; “Allow God to use you without first consulting you.”

The performance and the reputation Archbishop Rosales have made him to become the Archbishop of Lipa when Archbishop Mariano Gaviola retired on December 30,1992. And on September 15, 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed him to replace Jaime Cardinal Sin after the announcement of his retirement.
On March 25, 2006, Archbishop Rosales received the formal investitures as a cardinal at the next Church Council in Rome. Cardinal are said to be the heads of major local churches around the world or handle key administrative positions in the Vatican directly under the pope

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Larios, still a hero

The pitbull of Mexico, Oscar "Chololo" Larios failed to vanquish the so-called Mexican destroyer, Manny Pacquiao yesterday at the big dome.
With the record, 56 wins including 36 knock-outs, 4 losses and 1 draw, in contrast Pacman with just 41 wins including 33 knock-outs, 3 losses and 2 draws, Rafael Mendoza, Larios' manager was very determined that Larios can knock-out Pacquiao in his own territory.
Oscar Larios is a 29-year old former Super Bantamweight champion from Guadalajara,Mexico. Older and taller but half a pound lighter than Manny Pacquiao.
Although Larios camp knew what are the plans of a two-time world champion, Larios himself cannot do anything but just cornered Pacquiao at the 3rd round and shown Pacquiao what he got.
But the remaining rounds were already in favor of the Pacman especially the round seven as well as the last minute of the round 12, where Larios was knocked-down.
The two-month training of Larios wherein he is more ahead than Pacquiao's training had done nothing to the rock- fisted, hard- punching southpaw from the Pacman.
And with this, the twelve-round fight ended up with a unanimous decision from the judges in favor to Manny Pacquiao.
Many said including the American trainer Freddie Roach, Pacman's trainer, that Larios won't last up to the 12th round. However this prediction did not happened for Larios managed to stay on his feet until the last ring of the bell. He (Larios) was not also knocked-out in six rounds as many boxing analysts insisted.
Larios said that he can withstand the strength of Pacman but he cannot adjust to the speed of Manny's footworks.
The Mexican challenger is paid for 450,000 US dollars for this fight, while 1 million US dollars for the Pacman.
A victory from Larios supposedly would offer doors to more fights like what he had in the Araneta Coliseum but because he failed to, the amount received by Larios is good enough as his retirement fund.
Now, Larios and his team are now going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport to return to his home country, Mexico.

Know the Pacman

Who can destroy the destroyer?
The name Manny Pacquiao is not only known in the Philippines but also to the different parts of the world. He is really one of the famous boxers in the world. His name really tries to denote something. Manny is sounds like “money”, while Pacquiao is sounds like the tagalog term “pakyaw” which means to get all. No wonder Manny already owns many big houses, luxurious cars, business and so many things.
Pacman also known as the Destroyer was born on December 17, 1978 in the province of Sarangani in the Philippines with the name of Emmanuel Pacquiao. Life in their province is difficult for the family of Pacquiao. Manny used to sell bread or the very Filipino “pandesal” on different places in Sarangani. He even used to be the bread maker or the so-called “panadero” just to provide the needs of his family.
Manny is just one of those who aspire to have a better life in Manila. There he worked as a construction worker and sold cigarettes. However, the passion of Manny in boxing was not hindered despite of his situation.
His professional boxing career started in the year 1995. For the beginners like Manny, most of his fights were usually on small venues. He is just at 106 pounds and later became 113 pounds before Rustico Torrecampo, considered as his 12th fight, defeated him. During this time, Pacquiao's fights were aired on Vintage Sports' Blow by Blow tv program.
After his fight with Torrecampo, Pacquiao settled in at 112 pounds. This time, he won over Chatchai Sasakul for a WBC Flyweight title. June 23, 2001 was considered Pacquiao’s big break when he took Lehlohonolo Ledwaba’s IBF Super Bantamweight title.
Before Pacquiao faced Mexican boxing idol, Marco Antonio Barrera, wherein many viewed or considered this fight which defined his career, he defended his title for almost four times.
Six months after winning against Barrera, Pacquiao challenged the World Boxing Association (WBA ) and International Boxing Federation ( IBF ) Featherweight title holder, another Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. Unfortunately, the big effort from the Pacman ended in a controversial draw. After the fight with Marquez, Pacquiao fought against Fahsan ( 3K- Battery ) Por Thawatchai in the Philippines, wherein the said uppercut to the jaw from the Pacman knocked down the Thai boxer which ended the fight.
For his career, Pacquiao added his weight into 130 pounds for him to be qualified to fight for the Super Featherweight division. Here, he challenged three-time division champion Erik Morales. This happened on March, 2005 wherein Pacquiao lost the 12th round match with a unanimous decision form the judges. In his interview with Korina Sanchez, Pacquiao said that he was greatly affected by the head butt that he got, but still managed to end the fight until the 12th round.
Because of this incidentPacquiao was very determined to win on his another fight with Hector Velasquez, which happened on September 10, 2005. Pacquiao captured the WBC International Super Featherweight title. A rematch was held between Pacquiao and Morales in Las Vegas at Thomas and Mack Center, United States. Morales failed to defeat Pacquiao this time.
However, as they have said, despite of Pacquiao’s success, he encountered problems, such as his problem with his promoter and, when a girl working in Manila billiard hall claimed that Pacquiao was the father of her son. The girl sued Pacquiao in court and demanded for 25,000,000 pesos for child support.
Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer is also a father figure to Pacquiao. Roach warned Pacquiao with regard to his night life style for this might result of losing Pacquio’s focus on his career. In addition, Roach identified some distractions surrounding Pacquiao including sponsorship deals, nocturnal activities, personal appearances and some of his friends in the Philippines.
Now the upcoming Mano a Mano fight of Pacquiao and two-time Super Bantamweight champion Oscar Larios on July 2, in Araneta Coliseum is definitely a history in the boxing field.
With numerous and big time companies getting him as their product endorser, the music industry also asked for more songs from the Pacman, upcoming films, Manny is really a figure of a successful personality not only in the field of boxing but also in the real game of life.

Kris Aquino for president?

The Philippines' Queen of Talk", "Commercial Princess of the Philippines", "2004 Box Office Queen", these equate who Kris Aquino is in the country nowadays. What wolud be the next, President of the Philippines?Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino was born on February 14,1971 in Quezon City, Philippines. She is the youngest child of former President Corazon Aquino and the late and former senator Benigno Aquino Jr.Although Aquino came from a family of politicians, she insisted not to enter on the field of politics unlike her brother Benigno III who is currently Tarlac representative.When she talks, people listened. Issues about her were even placed on front page of newspapers. During her elementary years, she was in the United States to study. In 1992, she graduated from Ateneo de Manila University where she took up Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature.At the age of 15, she entered showbusiness, and her first movie was Pido Dida with the late actor Rene Requiestas. After doing a comedy film, Aquino entered drama. She starred in a film based on a true-life murder, The Fatima Buen Story and also The Vizconde Massacre.When she did the movie, Nandito Ako with Philip Salvador, a controversial love affair started which resulted to having a son named Joshua. Because of this, she shifted from doing movies to talk show hosting. She started in Channel 4 for the tv program, The Kris Aquino Show. Until she became one of the hosts of GMA's Startalk and lastly ABSCBN offered her contract for a new morning show.Aquino was even labeled the queen of game shows because of the success of "Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?" and now the newest show of ABSCBN entitlted "Kapamilya, Deal or no deal".Aquino even entered endorsements or commercials. She had 13 commercials which include Pantene, Bench, Purefoods Chunkee Corned beef, San-San make up, Oishi, San Miguel Beer, Kyowa Rice Dispenser, Gateway Mall, Market-Market, Smart Communications, Vicky Belo Dermatology and Skin Care and Kissa Papaya.Now she is the second highest paid commercial- endorser in the Philippines, next to the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.With all the commercials, tv programs, films of Kris Aquino, she already have the means for her campaign whenever she wants to. But with Purefoods basketball player James Yap whom she married with last July, 2005 in a civil marriage and her son Joshua, Kris preferred to concentrate more in her work and not to enter politics.

The Man of Steel is Back

The Man of Steel is Back

Superman returns not only at cinemas but also to the hearts of every Superman fanatics here in the Philippines.
Superman, who is Clark Kent the said hero’s secret identity like other superheroes has his love interest named Lois Lane. Clark Kent used to go to Daily Planet to work.
Superman’s home planet was in Krypton, wherein his birth name was Kal- El. The sun is the main source of Superman’s power. This enables him to go faster than a speeding bullet wherever someone needs his help.
However, Superman’s power can be taken away by a green Kryptonite that even his x-ray vision can be blocked by the element lead.
Like Spiderman, Batman or any superheroes, Superman is also an example of a determined figure who is trying to defeat evil creatures. Moreover, what makes every viewers love the character and the whole story as well.
During the first showing of “Superman Returns” in cinemas on June 28, all tickets were sold out, that it even beat the movie Batman at the box office.
The Warner Bros. Philippines general manager, Francis Soliven also the “Supermen Returns” distributor said that, “since its opening, they had already accumulated a nationwide gross of 21.76 million pesos.” The biggest opening-day figures in 2006 so far, added by Soliven.
“Superman Returns” made it to no eight slots on the list of movies that shown on a weekday.
The “Superman Returns” screening in the 3-D theater also sold 25,000 tickets for the first two weeks, wherein every tickets costs 350 pesos and to summed up all, a total of about 9 milllion pesos was obtained as said by Ric Camaligan, first vice president of SM Leisure Inc.
On the other hand, the first showing of “Superman Returns” on June 28 at Cinema 4 of the Rockwell Power Plant Mall, served as a fund- raising movie event by Ethos Strategy a designing company. This is their way of celebrating their first anniversary wherein the collected amount will be given to the children of the Make- A- Wish Foundation.
Superman is really a super man for every child who aspires to be hero someday, for every woman attracted of his gentle face and for every individual who believes that the goodness you can give to everyone is more important than anything.